In a country where entertainment and amusement comprise the life style and where the providing support services support all Greek economy, the part of the eco-tourism is a tough issue and must be evolved.

Apart from its history, it is well-known that our country has the most beautiful seas and beaches, as well as hotels in touristic areas and beyond. According of the providing services upgrading in tourism businesses, KIPOL Group is a major factor in the construction and installation of entertainment and amusement products. KIPOL provide a valuable image in the already existing hotels facilities.

The Greek company, KIPOL has the right skills in experience, know-how - planning - implementing, equipment for leisure tourism enterprises, regardless of the type or size and is able to meet and exceed the needs of each entrepreneur. KIPOL is governed by the Greek attitude, culture and realise the real expects of each client, while it has enriched the knowledge of the corresponded cooperating companies abroad.

Always keeping our focus on the clients, KIPOL suggests and designs unique proposals suitable to their needs. KIPOL has the ability to completely implement a project, from design to installation or segmentation & partial implementation of each section.

The design department, one of the strongest in the company, always tries to apply cutting-edge innovative design proposals for the need of each enterprise, with products environmentally friendly.

KIPOL is the only company to offer complete solutions (Turn Key Solutions) to companies, in order to enhance their competitiveness by offering solutions of entertainment and amusement services.

Investors – Entrepreneurs will find in us:

  • Development of the concept
  • design
  • master plan
  • 3d presentation
  • project budget
  • implementation methods
  • construction time
  • construction cost saving proposals
  • services upgrades
  • ways of financing
  • Water Park operating procedures, etc.

Our vision is the continuous growth of KIPOL setting high goals for the expansion of our clientele and the continuous improvement of our services. The personnel consists of highly experienced professionals with fresh ideas, working in the spirit of absolute team cooperation, thus making KIPOL the leading company in the industry in Greece and abroad.

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