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The Roto Dock floating platform is a complete answer to almost all, maritime applications. This floating platform system includes a versatility and it varies, giving access as the one at ferries. It can be used for promotional receptions / events for personal use. The modular design, the easy storage and launching of the components of Roto Dock platform, allows the customer to create an ideal floating rig depending on the needs and environment in which it will be placed. Furthermore, the subsequent addition to an existing installation is possible. The exclusive beige composition (cast polyethylene) of the Roto Dock floating rig, gives itself a more attractive style. Because of the raw material used, the surface of the platform with which it comes in contact each user, is maintained at sufficiently low temperatures (especially during the hot days of summer). The unilateral and floating structure of the Roto Dock platform facilitates the installation. The customer has also the ability to decide for himself on the configuration of the platform intended to be installed, for various marine applications. The structure of the platform is designed to withstand high loads and simultaneously have more wall thickness (in cross section). Piers / docks, individual components linked together with durable, flexible, elastic ligaments. The above and below sections are linked together with complex mechanisms. The mooring of rigs / piers made with arms displacement (or "dead weight") and ferries, using chains or pipes.

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