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The modular components of the specific floating platform type (Sunny Dock) is made ​​entirely by the method of casting with compressed air (blow molding). The raw material used, is high density polyethylene powder (High Density Polyethylene, HDPE). The system (floating dock) is designed for any occasion and marine applications. More specifically, it is ideal for use in open seas or in coastal areas, which are often exposed to strong winds, storms and waves. Available in three different sizes:

50x50x40 cm

The modular system used in this type (floating platform) allows the client to easily and quickly install any desired expansion and remodeling. The majority of our customers install the floating platforms in less than one day without the presence of technical staff. Not having the slightest technical training, two people have the ability to easily connect, fifty blocks in one hour. The assembly of connecting accessories (mounting pins) of the modular system is carried out, over the surface of the water and the floating platform, so they do not delay the installation.

The cube of each specific type of floating platform (Sunny Dock) has four joints (mounting points) and a coupling pin, which is sufficient for the binding of all four cubes together. To maintain structural integrity of the system a screw joint is used, which connects the platform with the rest of the system.

The Sunny Dock floating platform is durable, flexible, recyclable, safe and requires no special maintenance. It is UV-stabilized to protect itself against UV radiation , non-toxic, environmental friendly and it can not be corroded by chemicals (salts and hydrocarbons) and adverse weather conditions. The rounded edges and not sharp corners of the cube protect the user from injury.

The floating platform system and raft of this type used as a corridor at fish farms, at specially designed marinas, at events (concerts, sports, water sports) and for personal use. Therefore, having a wide range of applications, Sunny Dock floating platform is the perfect suggestion to avoid any damage during installation and uninstallation of it.

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