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The unique playground equipment that our company KIPOL provides , enrich the physical and mental game of small and bigger children ...

TheWell-designed playgrounds allow the exercise and also help children develop awareness, emotional attachment and mental abilities.

In KIPOL, we consider the physical and mental health related and the solutions we develop, are beneficial to both body and spirit.


Behind the fun that a playground provides there is a hidden meaning: learning. With healthy play, children acquire physical skills and learn social rules. The knowledge that children gain through active playing is knowledge that will benefit throughout their lives. Considering the size of responsibility, our company designs playgrounds targeted to help our young users to cope with positive and constructive manner the experiences of real life.


Our company as far as playgrounds is concerned, helps its clients and study new playgrounds and adapt existing spaces to meet new requirements. Additional we separate the playgrounds in areas with different activities, in accordance with the existing legislation.


The designing team of KIPOL provides advice for designing and planning the installation drawings in Auto Cad 2D, three-dimensional illustrations, topographical installation and complete proposals.


Having secured production and business processes, we possess and apply quality system and environmental management with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, respectively, for both the construction and the installation field.


All our products are made of high quality material and are extremely durable. Each produced equipment playground is accompanied with certification according to EN 1176 1-6: 2008 accredited organization. However, periodic safety inspections by qualified personnel of KIPOL A.E will have to be made. After each inspection, we provide the customer a detailed report - report of the state of the playground and maintenance manual that complies with EN 1176 1-7: 2008.

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